10 reasons to publish your book in paper format

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Most of the authors who approach Self-Publishing think that publishing their book in online bookstores means exclusively selling a text in digital format, ie in ebook format.

The ebook formats are certainly the most purchased in online bookstores, precisely because they are formats that the reader can download immediately after purchase, without any waiting and through a totally automated process.

However, thinking of self-publishing only as a way to produce ebooks is reductive and limiting.

So if you too have thought of publishing your book only in Kindle format and in ePub format so far, know that publishing your book in ebook format is not enough!

10 Reasons Why You Should Publish Your Book In Paper Format

So let’s look at the top 10 reasons why you should seriously consider publishing your book also in paper format.

1. Because it doesn’t cost more

Publishing your book in paper format does not increase costs, because the biggest expenses in your Self Publishing path are those that you have to bear regardless of the sales format.

For example, professional editing or creating a quality cover are essential steps even if you want to publish in ebook format only.

2. To touch the fruit of your work

After many months of work, holding your book in your hands will give you wonderful sensations, which no digital file can ever give you. You can proudly say: “I did this!” And you can well imagine the even greater pride of your mother or your grandmother, when they can show your book to their friends!

This reason may seem superficial, because it is linked to emotions and to emotional relationships; instead I assure you that it is so strong that alone it would be enough to justify the little extra work that is required of you to publish your book also in paper format.

After all, writing is a physical act born of a passion: why shouldn’t the results of this commitment be as concrete and exciting?

3. Because readers like to “touch”

Even if you read mostly in digital format or most of your friends read ebooks, you can’t ignore the fact that many readers still love to hold a book and browse through the pages.

Even those who read regularly in digital format (like me, for example) often love to buy books in paper format to enrich their bookstores.

Also, think about how many people love to give books: if they had to settle for a book in digital format, what would they bring as a gift to the birthday boy? What would they put under the tree at Christmas?

4. To make the legal deposit

If the previous reasons do not satisfy you because you consider them too “emotional”, then there is a rational and pragmatic one. One of the ways to protect your copyright and be able to demonstrate, in case of dispute, the authorship of your work is to make the legal deposit, that is to send a copy of your book to the National Libraries of Rome and Florence, as I have already explained in a previous article.

Well, to make this legal deposit you need at least two paper copies of your book.

5. To take advantage of all the promotional channels

Without the paper format of your book you will not be able to access most editorial promotion channels and you will lose a significant slice of readers.

Your goal, in fact, must not only be to put your book for sale in some online bookstore, but also (and above all!) To promote it and sell as many copies as possible. To do this you have to take into account that many editorial promotion channels that you can use to make your book known to potential readers require physical copies of your text.

6. To participate in literary competitions

One of the promotional channels for which you need paper copies of your book is participation in literary contests.

Literary contests, in fact, are an excellent showcase for making your book known and read by experienced and motivated people, however in almost all cases, participation in contests involves sending paper copies of your book by post.

There are very few competitions that allow the sending of your book in digital format and often, even where the sending of a file is allowed, the sending of the text is also requested in paper format.

The associations that organize the competitions, in fact, often have the pleasure of keeping a copy of each participating book on record or creating a library available to the readers with all the collected texts.

7. To send copies to bloggers / journalists / readers

Literary blogs are an extraordinary tool for editorial promotion and bloggers who manage them do a commendable job, especially because they do it as a hobby for free.

It is therefore very important for you to look for blogs that can review your book and make it known to readers, but bloggers will often ask you to send your book in paper format. In fact, even if they read the ebooks regularly, bloggers often give precedence, in their list of books to read and review, to the books they receive in paper format, just to privilege in some way the authors who are committed to having the print book them and send them for free.

So prepare a certain number of paper copies of your book that you will send to bloggers or journalists with whom you can get in touch or even give them to your most loyal readers with your dedication. For them it will be a very welcome tribute and for you it will be all publicity!

8. To sell copies during presentations

When you organize a literary presentation you are faced with a varied audience. Some people already know them, others don’t, but all of them are there for the same reason: listening to you and learning more about you and your book. These are therefore highly motivated readers, who have shown their interest by leaving home and dedicating their time to themselves.

So don’t miss the chance to take advantage of their interest, so strong and so explicit, by selling copies of your book during the presentation itself.

In every presentation, in fact, it is possible to buy a copy of the book in question and most of those present are there for this: to buy the book and have it autographed by the author.

It would make no sense to make a presentation of a book that is for sale only in digital format because the participants would be disappointed, you could not exploit their availability for immediate purchase and you should hope that people, once back home, go online to buy your ebook. Maybe someone would do it, but the percentage of potential readers “lost” would be very high.

9. To earn more

We arrive at the most strictly commercial reasons. A hard copy always costs more than a digital format, so selling your book in paper format will earn you more. Much more.

A fiction ebook, in fact, is generally sold for a few euros or even a few cents; the same title in paper format, on the other hand, can easily be sold for 10-12 euros.

For manuals and essays, prices rise, but the difference between the digital format and the printed format remains constant.

Moreover, if you sell paper copies of your book directly, as happens for example during literary presentations, you don’t even have to take away from your earnings the commissions of the online bookstore or of the Self-Publishing platform: you will obviously have to cover the expenses of printing, but otherwise you can pocket 100% of the cover price of your book.

10. To make the ebook more appealing

Probably reason will seem like a contradiction, but it is really so: to sell your book in paper format will make the digital format appear more convenient.

This does not happen only because, as mentioned before, the price of a printed book is always greater than the ebook format, but because Amazon will be the one to emphasize to readers the possible savings.

It is therefore in effect an internal marketing tool: with a sales format you promote another. But since this is an absolutely free promotional tool, why not use it?

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